Life Skills

learning life skills every teen needsHave you ever wished the schools did more to teach common sense things such as how to write a check and balance a checkbook? How to follow a recipe? How to think critically?

With standardized testing and so many things to pack into a school day, it’s impossible to teach kids everything they need to know. Fortunately, our Life Skills 101 course digs into all those little things you wish your teens knew before they embarked on their college or post-high school journey.



All about checking accounts

    • Writing a check
    • Balancing a checkbook
    • Making deposits
    • Opening a new account
    • Understanding fees and how to save money


  • God calls us to be good stewards
  • Why you need an emergency fund
  • The 10% rule
  • Keeping up with the Joneses makes you broke
  • Avoiding debt
  • Choosing experiences over stuff

College Funding

    • Figuring out how much you need
    • Why student loans are a bad investment
    • Seeking out scholarships
    • Making a final choice with your parents

Eat to Live

Basic cooking skills

      • How to follow a recipe
      • Simple substitutions
      • Creating your own dishes
      • Safety in the kitchen
      • Simple equipment you can even take to college with you

Grocery Budgeting

      • How to save money on groceries
      • What are loss leaders?
      • Should you clip coupons?
      • Planning meals
      • Meal prep

Save on Dining Out

      • Everyone wants to go out to eat with their friends. How to limit dining costs and stick to a budget
      • Use coupons and promotions
      • Choose a place where you don’t have to tip
      • Start a supper club

Growing Your Independence

      • Why it’s good to spread your wings while respecting your parents have valuable advice to offer
      • Who to call for questions about school, your car, money, health, etc.
      • What types of questions should you ask?
      • Learn how to have common sense in any situation by watching others and asking the right questions.

Home Management

      • What needs regularly maintained
      • Who to call with questions if you’re renting
      • What to do if your fire alarm goes off from basic cooking smoke and won’t stop
      • What to do if your smoke alarm won’t stop beeping
      • What happens if your lights go off and won’t come back on?
      • How to separate and wash your laundry
      • What to do if you lock yourself out
      • How to unclog a sink, bathtub or toilet
      • Getting out different types of stains

Basic Auto Maintenance

      • How often should you change your oil?
      • Check on your tires and rotate them
      • What to do if a check engine light comes on
      • What if your car won’t start?
      • How to handle locking yourself out of your car.
      • Never leave a dog in a hot car (even on a semi-warm day)

Open Question/Answer Session

      • Ask anything you’d like to know that hasn’t been covered in the course, such as improving your relationship with your parents, managing stress, learning new skills over time. We can even chat about handling situations such as difficult roommates.

The different topics covered in this course are meant to give students a simple way to think through problem-solving and a set of skills to handle most situations life throws at them in the first months living on their own or on campus. Some of the elements may cover things parents have already taught. It’s fine to skip those lessons, although a refresher never hurts.

Each week, there will be a lesson you can view and then we’ll hold an online meeting via Zoom where we go a bit more in-depth and students can answer questions and interact with one another. You can complete all or part of the course. If you want to view the material but prefer not to meet, that’s fine. If you want to skip viewing and just want to meet, that’s fine as well.

Instructor: Lori Soard