About Kingdom’s Keys Academy


Kingdom’s Keys Academy originally started as a story idea by founder Lori Soard. As with some books, it sat on a backburner for a number of years until she realized she wanted to restart her online courses for a new generation of learners.

As Lori brainstormed name ideas for her new school, she couldn’t find anything that quite explained the types of courses she wanted to teach. She knew she wanted to teach both adults and kids. She wanted some writing courses for homeschoolers that would be fun and informative. She wanted to work with preschoolers and also offer writing tips for adults.

She kept coming back to the Kingdom’s Keys Academy name and quickly realized while she liked her book series idea and may compete it at some point, this was the perfect name for the digital school she’s so passionate about.

There are tons of homeschooling and writing courses, but not all put the focus back on the Creator and how he gives us all the gifts we have. While not every course on this site is religious, you also won’t find anything that goes against Christianity or teaches secular views you might not want to hear.

Many of the courses are hybrid, offering a lesson you view and a live meeting time. You can attend all or part of the course lectures/gatherings. You will likely get the most out of the courses if you attend the live chats, but you will still learn a lot by viewing the video modules and reading through the material.


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